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Just stocked!

ENC28J60 modules $9.00


Add network control to any project easily with this inexpensive ENC28J60 Module. Compatible with the Propeller Platform “E-Net” module code, this module requires only connection of four I/O lines, 3.3v and Ground to get up and running.  These modules are tested to insure quality.

Need help with this project?

Using a Quickstart & the ENC28J60 Module, make the following connections:

  • P0 <–> CS, P1 <–> SCK, P2 <–> SI, P3 <–> SO
  • 3.3v <–> VCC, GND <–> Vss

Serial Bluetooth Modules $12.99

Serial Bluetooth Modules

Don’t wait for your Serial Bluetooth Module to come from China! We have them in stock, ready to ship now! These modules are easy to interface to your Propeller project making your communication wireless to a Bluetooth enabled PC or handheld device.


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On sale now!

The Servo and More board Now $9.99

The Servo and More board
The universal prototyping board that sits on top of the Quickstart board. 3-wire, dual voltage servo sensor connections, screw terminals, and prototyping area. A great starting point for your project.

The Servo & More board is the universal prototyping board for the Quickstart. The Servo & More board plugs directly into the top of the Quickstart board. There isn’t much that can’t be built using this product. Kit packaged as shown.


  • Selectable 3v & 5v 3-wire connections.
  • 3 available screw terminal headers
  • Prototyping area with access to Vss/Vdd/5v
  • 20 available Quickstart I/O pins. (P0-P19)
  • USB External power enable jumper. (enabled)
  • 5v power input for powering servos/motors or the Quickstart