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Title: SAR Robot Exercise and Contest at PropellerPowered Expo '14
Post by: Granz on October 01, 2013, 03:40:49 PM
Once again, I have been asked to run another robot contest for OPPE '14 (guess I must have done something that people liked.)  At the end of the '13 expo, I briefly talked with Jeff about ideas for next year.  Well, it looks like we will be running a Search-and-Rescue Robot (SAR-Bot) contest.  Only, this time, to interest others, such as the Emergency Responders and medics in our area, we will be running the contest as an Emergency Preparedness Exercise. (I have always been interested in Emergency Response - even earned my Pennsylvaina certification as an EMT.)  My Projects blog post announcing this is at:

Also, in order to help build interest, we will be sending a press release to local press, schools and emergency preparedness organizations, inviting them to come see the future of Rescue Technology.

Well, with this upcoming Expo hosting the SARbot '14 Exercise, I wanted to get an early head start.

Come on down to the contest site at (Jeff, if you want it moved, let me know,) and see what's going on.  We would like a lot of feed back, including any ideas that you may have.

At this point (still early, I know...) I am envisioning something along the lines of Trinity College's robotic firefighting contest house ( and - also You-Tube has a lot of videos, take a look.)  However, this house will have a door (doorway?) so that the robot can get in.  In front of the door will (may?) be some bricks and/or other debris.  The robot will need to get around/past/over/through the debris and into the house.  Inside the house, somewhere, will be a baby as the victim.  The baby will have the general shape and size of a human baby for visually-oriented SARbots.  In addition, I am looking into a heating element to keep the baby's temperature at about human-normal, for thermo-oriented SARbots.  If things work as planned, the baby will also cry for audio-oriented SARbots (my new grandbaby should be born next January.  Lots of opportunity to get MP3s of a real baby crying to play for the exercise/contest. :P)

In addition, for the visitors who are more emergency/medically oriented than electronics: we will want some medical-/emergency-oriented devices, based on the Prop, of course. The Prop can certainly handle that kind of stuff.

Let's fire up the old irons, and dev kits, and put together some prototypes (and even some finished products to show - and sell. ;D)
Title: Re: SAR Robot Exercise and Contest at PropellerPowered Expo '14
Post by: Oldbitcollector on October 01, 2013, 11:05:24 PM
I like it!  Let's do it!
Title: Re: SAR Robot Exercise and Contest at PropellerPowered Expo '14
Post by: Granz on October 02, 2013, 02:21:26 AM
I like it!  Let's do it!

Sounds good.

Have you looked at the Exercise Page, and the blog posting, on my site, yet?  Do you want to leave the Page there, or should it be under the domain umbrella?

In another thread:
As many know, the Expo this year was "self supporting."  --  Here's some good news...

I just added up all the expense receipts, entrance fees, and raffles collected.. 

We had a surplus of $178.00 the bulk of which I will use to reserve the location for next year, with a few dollars I gave to the other staff members as a very small thank you for all the work they did!    The date for the 2014 Expo will be announced within the month. (Emphasis is mine)

Have you decided on the date for 2014?  I would like to get those press releases out soon, and they will be better if we have the date, and other details, worked out.

Speaking of which, did you get the press release yet? (To the rest of the forum members, we will make the press release available on the Exercise Page as soon as we finalize it.)