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Propforth for the littlerobot
« on: February 22, 2013, 10:45:25 AM »
There are several options for controling the littlerobot

One option is Propforth, this is the forth language on the parallax propeller.   If you use the prop quickstart or protoboard, most of this will run directly with no addition hardware. (If you use a different microcontroller, you can also use forth, as forth has been ported to nearly every uC.  But often each uC has differences that result in code needing modification for other parts).

Propforth is specifically designed for embedded control on the prop

Nick Lordi has started a Robot Control package using propforth

Nick also has PID (proportion integral deriviate) control code

We are still working on creating a package of extensions that bring all this together.  The plan is to make a single download for Little Robot material, with instructions, examples and explanation.  At this time we are still compleing the Propforth 5.4 public release, and the robot package should follow, but you can get started with v5.0 material that is already available.  The code will be compatible from 5.0 to 5.4