Pocket Mini Computer 256

The Pocket Mini Computer 256  ** New for 2013! **:

Pocket Mini Computer 256The Pocket Mini Computer is a small and versatile computer running a full featured BASIC interpreter with 32K of ram. It will work with a standard VGA monitor and PC compatible keyboard. Because the Pocket Mini Computer has its own built in microSD memory card slot and BASIC language you need nothing more to start writing and running BASIC programs. A Wii(TM) compatible gameport as well as stereo audio output create a compelling enviroment to write programs and games.

The Pocket Mini Computer consists of two interlocking boards, A CPU board, and an I/O board. The CPU board arrives pre-assembled. The I/O board is an easy-to-assemble kit which can be assembled by a beginner in a single evening.

The design and firmware, including the BASIC interpreter for the Pocket Mini Computer is freely distributed and may be modified to meet your needs.

Additional details about Pocket Mini Computer can be found on this Wiki Page.  


  • 32K RAM & additional 32K Extended Memory socket.
  • Wii(TM) Gameport Connector
  • PS2 Keyboard Port
  • VGA Video Output
  • Stereo Audio Output
  • microSD Port
  • USB Connection
  • New! 64 and 256 color modes
  • New! Expanded “Experimenter’s Ports” with 15 I/O connections for hardware experimentation.
  • Infrared Receiver Port
  • Powerful BASIC interpreter

Kit Includes: (An over $50 value)

  • Pre-assembled Pocket Computer CPU board (Propeller Quickstart Board)
  • An “Easy to Assemble” Pocket Computer I/O Kit (Propellerpowered VGAplus256)
  • Universal MicroSD module kit
  • Mounting hardware

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the Pocket Mini Computer 256 different from the previous version?
This is the forth major revision of the Pocket Mini Computer project.   All of the existing features of the prior version have been included in this product.  We’ve added jumper configurable 64/256 color modes, reset switch, P15 & 5V to the existing “Experimenter’s Port” for a total of four I/O connections, 3v,5v,Vss on near the game controller jack.  A P0-P9 connection bus with Vss/Vdd has been added to left side of the board.  The Universal microSD module connection is jumper configurable with either P0-P3 or P12-P15.   Existing TV addon cards, or Universal microSD adapters (Set in PX mode) will work perfectly with this upgrade.

Just what does Easy to Assemble mean?
The Pocket Computer I/O board arrives as a kit, requiring basic soldering skills and can be assembled within an evening by a beginner. You’ll know the satisfaction of assembling your own mini computer. Complete Assembly Instructions are provided.

Can I run non BASIC programs?
Yes. The CPU board of the Pocket Computer features the Parallax P8X32A multicore microprocessor. Non-BASIC binaries can be executed directly from inside the PocketBASIC environment from the microSD card.

So this is just a Nostalgia toy right?
Nope. Not even close! The Pocket Mini Computer kit is more than just a little computer that runs BASIC. It’s also a powerful gateway into the world of microcontrollers. After you’ve enjoyed the nostalgia of old school BASIC, jump into modern programming in C, Spin, or Assembly with an 8 core processor, packed with features.

Can I program the Pocket Mini Computer in C?
Yes. All you need is SimpleIDE and the free GCC compiler from Google Code. You can even completely remove the PocketBASIC language component and replace it with your own code while still using features like the VGA output and keyboard. It is also easy to use the Pocket Mini Computer hardware for other applications.

Is the hardware expandable?
Yes. The Pocket Computer I/O kit has an “Experimenter’s I/O Port” which can be accessed from PocketBASIC. An optional IR module can be added to allow your Pocket Computer to be controlled from a remote control or wireless keyboard. In addition the Pocket Computer I/O Kit may be replaced with other compatible modules to take advantage of the powerful, 32bit CPU board.

Propellerpowered will sell Pocket Mini Computers on a availability basis.  If supplies run out, we’ll post an estimated restock date.

Continued Support
Propellerpowered is committed to maintaining this project! We have added a discussion forum and continue to revise and update the firmware. Propeller Color BASIC is a powerful language and you’ll see future projects which take advantage of it’s features.

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