Installing Propeller Tool

This page will guide you through installing and configuring the Propeller Tool software.

Download the Software

  • You will need a computer with Windows 2K or newer and Internet Explorer 7 or newer.
  • Go to and download the latest version of the software.

Install the Propeller Tool

Run the installer you just downloaded, and accept all default settings.

Important! On the Install Optional Driver step, make sure to leave the checkbox checked for the “Automatically install/update driver” feature.




Run the Software

  • When you double-click the Propeller Tool software link that the installer placed on your desktop for the first time, it will ask you about file associations. Click Yes.
  • Double-click the Parallax Serial Terminal icon to open it too.





Connect the Hardware

  • Connect your Quickstart to your PC’s USB port.
  • Wait while Windows sets up the USB driver.
  • Set the 3-position switch to Position-1 and check for a green light.





Configure the Software

  • Click the Run menu and select Identify Hardware (F7) to find out what COM port your Quickstart is connected to.
  • Set your Parallax Serial Terminal with your Propeller Quickstart port.