Sneak Peek: New $20 Quickstart Propeller board

Sneak Peek New $20 Quickstart Propeller board

From Parallax Semiconductor perspective:

Meet the QuickStart. Any function, any pin, your call. We’ve not made decisions for you, but this board is coupled with some simple web tutorials that get you up and running so darned fast and you can’t wait to open the box when it arrives. And it has just enough simple inputs (no-button touch-pads) and outputs (LEDs) so you get the idea, quickly. Use it on the airplane, too (USB power).”

“The distribution method is simple, too. Those requesting a sample tell us about their “product”. We process the order and couple them with the right engineer, tracking them in our customer management software. The engineer’s card goes into the QuickStart box when shipped. . . engineer follows up with them in 30 days to see if they need any help. Then we go away unless they need us.”

“Don’t want the hassle of making a sample QuickStart request cause you don’t want to lie? Just buy one for $20.” Available soon from Parallax & Parallax Semiconductor

Update!: This is an open-source reference design. Users can grab the Altium or DipTrace files and use them as their own.